Story Of How Actress Uche Elendu Was Caught Sleeping With Ex. Hubby, Prince Nku Igweayinba’s Friend, Iyke Kalu-Etekebe

Uche Elendu

Uche Elendu

A couple of days ago, news has it that the beautiful Nollywood Actress,
Uche Elendu has been dumped by her husband, Prince Walter Igweayinba
a.k.a. Nku 1. The news has generated a lot of controversies painting the
rich dude, Prince Nku in a bad light. Well, as a close observer of
event, it’s obvious, the truth about their collapsed matrimony has not
been revealed yet by the two parties, so, any opinion or summation from
any other quarters will definitely not be accurate or do justice to the
concerned individuals.

‎Whispers, however, from close-knit family members have revealed that,
Uche Elendu was asked to take a leave out of her matrimonial home when
she was caught red handed committing adultery, an act which is
considered highly abnormal and one of the unpardonable things frowned
against by the Igbo culture.

Could this be true? Can the family detest her so much to cook up such a
grave allegation against the actress?


On the other hand, the family source might be right owing to the fact
that the man at the centre of this marital brouhaha was absent at Uche’s
second baby shower, and, wait for this, his absence was more
conspicuous  when the baby was christened, there was no sight of him.
When you juxtapose these two events, you will be right to arrive at the
conclusion that all is not well with the celebrated union.

If the above is true ,then the question begging  for answer from both
Uche  and Prince Nku is, why Uche still bears the marital name
‘Igweanyiba’ and not that of the man, Iyke Kalu a.k.a Etekebe from
Arochukwu Abia State who sleeps around with every woman in Lagos and
Owerri, for whom she had her second baby. And why will the Prince
publicly display his status as ‘Single’ on his social media wall.  What
are these two hiding from the public with whom they shared so much? No
secret, no scandal.‎

It really makes no sense on the part of Prince Walter Nku Igweayinba to
have dumped his beloved wife Uche ,on whom he spared no cost whatsoever
to give her a fairy tale wedding befitting his status as a royal prince.
The soft spoken international businessman is so loving and respects
the marriage institution, his marital vows and the place of marriage
within the Igbo culture that it looks out of place that he would just
abandon his cherished wife having lavished millions of dollars to make
her happy and the envy of other women.

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It’s obvious no one is ready to talk. While Uche has permanently
relocated to America with a man they claimed to have impregnated her,
the ex hubby, Prince is busy  touching lives with his foundation, who
knows, maybe  it is a ploy to get away from the prying eyes of the media
and put their curiosity in check.

Prince Nku, on several occasions, has threatened to deal with anyone who
writes anything nasty about him or his home. Home? How can a man claim
to have a home when the wife is in the bosom of another man abroad and
he’s miles apart from her? How can he claim to have a home when even
friends of the actress are insinuating that their friend ‘fucked up’ big
time? Why are they both keeping a supposedly open secret?  It takes a
real man to do that but it takes a real woman to have such a man as

‎It’s just a matter of time before the lids will be blown opened and the
said secret between these estranged couple becomes public consumption.
‎A few friends who had a chat with us on the ground of anonymity said
that, the cause of the separation between Uche and Prince is enough to
make a Nollywood season film. There are too many scandals trailing the
actress and mother of two, maybe, her relocation is just a face saving
gimmick. Though, it’s been rumoured that Uche is in town and trying to
see how she can court the press and social media users to gain their

“People should mind there business biko, I am not a fan of Uche or the
ex hubby but the truth must be said, Uche Elendu is a shameless, dirty
pig that sleeps around with every man and a woman. This is not the first
time I will be in in the know about her love for women too, in fact, I
felt sorry when that Nku guy spent millions marrying her. What a pity!

Uche’s new baby is for the ex hubby’s friend called Etekebe, the most
terrible womanizer of our time living in Lagos and rented an apartment
for Uche too in Ajah area of Lagos. Uche is unbelievable with dirty
family that loves money die. I saw the useless Uche Elendu at Etekebe’s
birthday party and with no shame she was so proud sharing drinks as
madam of the house when Etekebes wife and kids are at home suffering.”

What do we believe now?

Source: Big Ken

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