My Ex-Hubby Has Refused To Accept Our Child – Actress Alex Okoroji

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– Alex Okoroji made headlines when she married Ghanaian actor, Omar Captan, some years back. But unfortunately, the marriage collapsed almost soon after they got married.

The child of their short union clocked six years recently and while thanking her friends and fans who wished her son a happy birthday, in a broadcast message via Whatsapp, Alex wrote:

“Ray (her son) shares the same birthday with his father… his step sisters called, his father’s ex-wife called but his father didn’t send a single birthday message for the sixth time in six years…”

And when Saturday Beats asked what caused the estranged relationship between her ex and child, Alex said the actor was in the best position to answer.

“If you get an answer from him, please let me know. I’m also curious to know why…. How can anyone not acknowledge the existence of his first son who is his splitting image, a child he was present at his birth, a child born into his arms, on his own birthday – a gift he had requested from God many times, with his own mouth in front of many? He even knew the child was there before I realised it. He knew the child was a boy before I did a scan,” she said.

Alex said she has a cordial relationship with her ex’s family.

“I only feel sad for him mostly because one doesn’t trade his/her right as a parent because the relationship with the former partner broke down. It’s his loss really. I’m having a great time experiencing the love and affection of this beautiful amazing child who knows how much I love him and will do anything for him. My son doesn’t lack anything. He has a grandfather (Tony Okoroji) who adores him and a family who loves him and will always be a part of his life. I’m grateful to God for that.

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“I have a civil relationship with his family. I have nothing against them. I can’t say they have done anything in particular to hurt me personally. We all have to remember that blood is thicker than water. Sometimes, silence is consent. I have translated that to mean that they approve of Captan’s action. And honestly, my focus right now is on much more important things,” she said.

While saying she is open to a fresh relationship if the right person comes along, Alex said she will never make up with the actor.

“I’m done! Ex is ex please. Ex is for a reason. My focus is on the future, not my past. I am open to love, the right kind. I’m not available for circus…”

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