Ladies In The House! Here Are 5 Excuses Stingy Men Give To Avoid Spending Money


Many women think that men are not smart and could be easily duped; they believe they could make some notes of cash drop by robbing their heads and belly. The society is changing at an alarming rate and the so-called ‘dulling men’ have woken up from their slumber.

Many women may not notice this stingy behavior of the men at first as they may cover up this part of them by being sweet and charming. Let us not delve into things now; rather, check out some of the excuses you may hear from men when it comes to spending:

1. You know my financial status

Do not let a man fool you by telling you about his financial status when it is time to drop money. These details would not settle your bills or cater for your needs. If theagberos we see daily can take care of their girlfriends at that level, then your boyfriend should be able to do more.

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