Femi Branch Reacts To Bukky Ajayi’s Death, Urges Colleagues To Reach Out to Eachother


Yoruba actor, Femi Branch has urged his colleagues to reach out to each other after he failed to find the phone number belonging to late veteran actress Bukky Ajayi after she died.

Femi Branch claims after he saw the rumor online, he tried to search his phone to call the octogenarian but could not find any.

Below is what he said in an Instagram post when he was in his feelings

“I just found out that Aunty has passed on and I picked up my phone immediately to call her and I couldn’t find her number and I felt so ashamed and this is what happens to us a whole lot of times especially in this profession. When work brings us together, we dance, we rejoice, we celebrate, we play. If you see us at that moment you would think we reach out to each other everyday and we relate so well but once we have left that location, that is it. We hardly relate with each other only to find out things about ourselves on the passages of newspapers, blogs.. We need to reach out more”


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