Don’t Wait Till January 2017 To Make These 8 Important Life Decisions


If you’re a youth in your 20s then you should make these life decisions and not be the cliche Nigerian who waits till January 1st before making(and quitting) important life decisions.

1. Stop settling for toxic social environments. If you’re invited to a dinner outing with a group of gossipy and judgmental people, politely decline. If you have to go because it’s a work thing or because you need to support your partner, go for an hour and leave. Don’t ever give more of yourself and your energy than you need to.

2. Stop settling for being an ‘okay’ friend yourself. If a friend is going through a bad breakup, show up to their apartment with beer and cake and don’t leave until they’re ready for you to leave. If a friend is the one in the wrong and they’re lashing out at you, tell them you’ll speak to them again when they apologize, and forgive them when they do. Remember that most of the ways your friends have screwed you over, you’ve also done to others.

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