Calabar Women: Top 6 Reasons Nigerian Men Are Scared Of Them


First off, this article is in no way to malign the Calabar women in Nigeria, as they are beautiful and hardworking women.

Calabar women do have a reputation among Nigerians which make many men scared to either marry them or even get in a relationship with them.

Below are some of the reasons we have hear over time:

1. Height

While this is not a general thing, Calabar women and even their men tend to be short. The height disadvantage is one reason most men might be scared to go into relationships with them, especially if such a man prefers a woman who has considerable height.

2. Cooking

Now this is strange, but another things that makes most men and even women scared of Calabar women is their cooking ability.

The belief is that most Calabar women are so good in the kitchen that they could use their cooking to control any man they want. Which seems to be a like an unfounded fear.

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